We strongly believe that you have lived a graceful and fulfilling life that is worthy of emulation. It is only wise to allow this generation and generations yet unborn to benefit from the principles and values that have helped you live a fruitful and productive life.

Writing your biography is an opportunity for you to leave a legacy and directly impart countless number of people through your life story. You may think that you have lived a normal life but it may interest you to know that succeeding generations will be interested in hearing your story. What you consider normal will be interesting and very inspiring to them.

Remember those seemingly insurmountable challenges that you conquered, and the problems you solved; you will agree with me that someone somewhere on the planet needs to hear how you did those things. They need to understand that it is possible and they need to be inspired by the way you conquered and solved them. Also, this project would afford you the opportunity to leave a family history book and also a reference book for research thesis in the nearest future.